Here you will find the kits and accessories needed for the flyboard, regardless of the level of flyboard skills. They include Zapata Racing, Hydro Sport, Zapata Racing, Hydro Sport, Tubes International and many more.
Flyboard is one of the most exciting and fun motor water sports. Since 2012, the number of fans of this sport has grown by leaps and bounds. Thanks to its creation by the French designer Franky Zapata, you can now feel like Ironman. Depending on your capabilities, as well as the power of your jet ski, you can fly up to 20 meters above the water. Flyboarding is the simplest hydrojet device available in the market. You can use the flyboard in any type of water that allows the use of mechanical motors. Water and air temperature are important only for your comfort. We recommend that you start flyboarding at a water temperature above 15 degrees Celsius. Put on your flying shoes and feel like Ironman.

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