Here you will find comfortable clothes dedicated to water sports. Our products are manufactured following only the highest quality procedures. The materials used in the manufacture of our products are only used materials and fabrics of the latest generation and quality. During the manufacturing process, multiple parameters are taken into account, such as extreme and changing weather conditions. Our experience in the world of flyboard both as instructors and competitors helps us to manufacture products that meet the needs of the raiders who must withstand frequent contact with water and air at very different temperatures.
That is why the presented clothing has features and properties such as quick drying, lightness and breathability. In addition, our clothes protect against the wind while allowing us to maintain an optimal body temperature. All these characteristics make our clothes provide desired and useful characteristics for the practice of multiple outdoor and indoor activities.
The unique graphic design and energetic colors give our clothes an extraordinary look. Dress them up and feel like a real flyboarder.

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