JET SKI RIB® (safety pontoon)

JET SKI RIB®: it is a safety pontoon that offers 100% protection for your jet ski protecting it from overturning, collisions, as well as solid cover protection during mooring. The known pneumatic construction of the pontoons provides additional stability with low weights. In addition, the design does not prevent navigation. Quick and easy installation and uninstallation.

The JET SKI RIB® (safety pontoon) can be easily fixed to the sides of a jet ski, protecting a hull against any blow or friction that may occur against other boats or against the walls of the dock where you tie it. This pontoon will also protect flyboard riders when they accidentally fall on the jet ski.

1,499.00 2,599.00  incl. 23% VAT

JET SKI RIB® has been created for compatibility with most popular PWC brands such as: Sea doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki.

Equip your jet ski with JET SKI RIB® to avoid multiple hazards and costly repairs.

We have been working with jet skis since 2012. We use our JET SKI RIB® as protection for flyboarding, riding jet ski, towing inflatable toys or for rescue jet skis. The symbolic premiere of JET SKI RIB® was on 29.6.2019 during the flyboard competition in the freestyle category held in Gdansk. During the Gdansk Water Show, the JET SKI RIB® safety pontoon was reviewed by the world’s best flyboard riders such as: Damone Rippy, Jeff Gazzola, Sergiey Philipov, Simon Desira, Tomasz Kubik, Artur Zakrzewski, Petr Civin, Przemysław Piotrowiak , Rodrigo Delgado, Eryk Duesterhoft, Edik Kanevsky and Kamil Nowakowski.

Their experience and valuable comments have contributed to the improvement of the JET SKI RIB®. By introducing the pontoon to the market, we wanted to ensure its ease of use. We know that it is ready to provide security to your jet ski in all conditions and means: in lakes, rivers or sea.

Mount instructions:

The JET SKI RIB Premium version test on the Baltic Sea with Polish Water Rescue Unit.

The JET SKI RIB basic version test on a lake.

The JET SKI RIB premium version flyboard test.

Use for:

  • Water rescue services
  • Hydroflight sports academy (e.g. flyboard, jetpack, hoverboard)
  • Jet ski rental services
  • individual jet ski, hydroflight sports users
  • Fishermen
  • jet tender for yachts
  • Big Wave surfers rescue


  • Double the stability of your jet ski.
  • Protects against collision against people in the water.
  • Safe protection against uncontrolled collisions while practicing motor water sports such as Flyboarding, jetpacking etc.
  • Prevents the jet ski from tipping over.
  • It fits perfectly to a hull of jet ski.
  • Ensures aesthetic appearance and optimal parameters.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly.
  • It will avoid costly repairs on both your jet ski and other boats.
  • It allows to navigate even with the pontoon cupped.

Product characteristics:

  • Perfect adaptation to the hull.
  • Quick connect technology
  • Buoyancy up to 200 kg.
  • Resistant to weather conditions.
  • Equipped with mounting brackets.
  • Sliding rubber strips on the bottom
  • Boston valve Ø 55 mm

* It is possible to configure equipment and shapes.

Material parameters:

  • 900 g / m2 or 1450 g/m2 thick material (EN ISO 2286-2)
  • Tear resistance 300/300 N (DIN 53363)
  • Cold resistance up to -40 ºC (EN 1876-1)
  • Heat resistance up to 70 ºC (PA 07.04 (internal))

2 years warranty from the date of purchase.

The price includes 23% VAT.

Weight25 kg
Dimensions80 × 60 × 40 cm
RIB model



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