Bearing Ball (1) – Fyboard Pro Series / Jetpack by ZR (FB02267)

Exchange flyboard/jetpack bearing balls every 50 flying hours to keep your hydroflight toys in perfect shape and avoid serious damage.

0.44  incl. 23% VAT

Like every machine flyboard or jetpack will last for long if you will take care of it. As we do flyboarding since 2012 we know how to care about it. We strongly recommend to exchange all bearings ball every 50 flying hours or every 2 years. After that period the bearing balls are weared out or even changed their shape. You can notice it. The bearing is not working smoothly. In extreme situation their can be even broken which is super dangerous.  If you change them we also recommend to change the foam sealing ring and the plastic gasket too.


To keep new bearings in place use Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).


Flyboard V1 – (27+27) x 2 = 108 units
Flyboard V2 – (27+27) x 2 = 108 units
Flyboard V3 – (27+27) x 2 = 108 units
Flyboard V4 – (31+30) x 2 = 122 units  – FB04C16

Hose Bearing – 39 units


Flyboard V1 – Page 11/12
Flyboard V2 – Page 24
Flyboard V3 – Page 17
Flyboard V4 – Page 46

Diameter 10 mm

Price includes 23% VAT.


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