The HYDRO LED SUITE® is a waterproof LED suit for night shows of flyboard or other water sports. Its special design allows the flyboarder to wear it even with the feet anchored to the flyboard. The higher power RGB LEDs provide excellent visibility after dark.

The set is distinguished by its solid manufacturing and easy installation, which significantly reduces the risk of damage. Thanks to the zipper system, it can be put on and off even with the flyboard on the feet. The electronics hidden in special pockets prevent the risk of damaging the cables when dressing.

1,399.00  incl. 23% VAT

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The HYDRO LED SUITE® has been used by flyboarders in shows around the world since 2019. Riders who have already used the HYDRO LED SUITE® include: Artur Zakrzewski, Petr Civin, Przemysław Piotrowiak, Eryk Duesterhoft, Kamil Nowakowski.

HYDRO LED SUITE® are much more attractive and will generate a tremendous impact on the spectators of your shows convincing them that it was really worth it. Without a doubt, the purchase of this suit will be a profitable investment in a very short period of time. Take the performances of your shows to another level.

On request, we can prepare a lighting pattern for any music track, and even create several costumes synchronized to the rhythm of the same song.


  • It makes nightly shows more attractive.
  • It emits unique visual effects visible from a great distance.
  • Lighting in different colors.
  • It is easy and safe to use.
  • It can be used multiple times.
  • includes 200 shinning programs controlled by app on smartphone
  • Programmable and synchronizable with music and pyrotechnics.

Product characteristics:

  • Compatible with all hydro-boards, hoverboard, flyboard, etc.
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • RGB LED of high quality and performance.
  • Hidden electronics


  •  100% polyester

The product contains:

  • Suit with LED lighting.
  • Airtight battery container.


  • M/L/XL/XXL

Warranty 1 year from the date of purchase.

Price incudes 23 % VAT.



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