PYRO BACKPACK® is a backpack, comfortable, safe and specially designed to mount pyrotechnic effects. You can configure it freely. From we recommend the use of fireworks in safe spaces.

This FIREWORKS BACKPACK is an ideal complement for Flyboars night shows to cause a huge WOW in the spectators. There is nothing better to impact the spectators of your show, than the combination of flyboard and fireworks.


259.00  incl. 23% VAT

The PYRO BACKPACK® is created by the pyrotechnic Michał Maciejewski and Przemysław Piotrowiak, one of the best Polish flyboarder and firefighter. Przemysław, combining his passion for flyboarding with knowledge and experience in the fire department, developed the ergonomics of the backpack. PYRO BACKPACK® is designed to avoid discomfort during the flight and provide maximum safety to the rider. Michał has developed a fireworks fixing system, and for special orders the pyrotechnic backpack can be equipped with fireworks fired from a distance.

PYRO BACKPACK® has been used by flyboarders worldwide since 2016, including: Simon Desira, Bo Krook, Artur Zakrzewski, Petr Civin, Przemysław Piotrowiak, Eryk Duesterhoft, Kamil Nowakowski.

With advance orders we can prepare a firework backpack of custom sizes and shapes as well as attach a fireworks remote firing system.

Getting a PYRO BACKPACK® will be a sure hit. In addition this equipment will be quickly amortized; Remember that shocked and satisfied viewers are synonymous with success and profitability. Take your nightly shows to another level with this pyrotechnic backpack for Flyboard.


  • It makes nightly shows more attractive.
  • It emits unique visual effects visible from a great distance.
  • It is easy and safe to use.
  • It can be used multiple times.
  • You can customize the fireworks you want to use.

Product characteristics:

  • Compatible with all hydro-boards, hoverboard, flyboard, etc.
  • Weight 2 kg

Material parameters:

  • Wood or fire retardant plastic board.
  • Machine cutting

The product contains:

  • Backpack
  • Pyrotechnic handles x 4
  • Adjustable mounting straps x 2

2 year warranty from the date of purchase.


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