The FLYBOARD WOMEN’S SHORT LEGGINGS is a garment that will help you with the practice of water sports as on land. Thanks to the latest technology of its fabric, it provides quick drying both after water sports and after a long and sweaty day of indoor or outdoor sports. These women’s tights are suitable for use during the practice of motor water sports such as Flyboard, Hoverboard Jetpack or while using jet skis.

Being short leggings, it is optimal for use during hot days by allowing the lower leg to be cooled by contact with air and water if used in water sports. With this garment you will get unparalleled comfort thanks to its seams and the wide range of movement it allows.

25.00  incl. 23% VAT

The short flyboard tights for women can be used in sports where water is not present as outdoors as indoors. Optimized for the practice of sports such as: Fitness, Crossfit Yoga and any other type of sport. Its great resistance also allows it to be used for obstacle courses in extreme conditions also known as OCRs.

Tissue properties:

  • THERMOPERFORMANCE material is manufactured with specially impregnated fibers that uniformly absorb sweat and water to evaporate it quickly so that moisture does not accumulate during intense training.
  • The fabric is very light and breathable, guaranteeing a quick drying, even when completely immersed in water.
  • The fabric of these meshes is dyed by the innovative method of double sublimation of nanoparticles, thanks to which the colors are resistant to abrasion and 40% more intense than traditional methods.

Performance Features:

  • The special waist elastic provides a pressure-free fit to prevent rotation and slippage of women’s short leggings during physical exercise. The fit of women’s short tights provides unparalleled comfort.
  • The SECOND SKIN technology and the panel cut based on the woman’s body figure ensures a perfect fit, unlimited freedom of movement and an attractive appearance.
  • The cut following the female silhouette is optimized with the PUSH-UP technology lifts the buttocks emphasizing the figure.
  • SPIDER’S STEEL quadruple reinforced seams provide up to 140% more tensile and tear resistance than other fibers.

Hygienic properties:

  • The fabric contains SILVER ION fibers, which provide bacteriostatic properties, effectively suppressing the bad smell.
  • The fabric of the Flyboard women’s tights is dyed with a modern method of sublimation of nanoparticles using ECO INK ecological ink. This makes the hypoallergenic product and therefore it can be used safely even in children. Design colors are abrasion resistant and 40% more intense than traditional dyeing methods.

Composition: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane

Weight: 200 g / m2.


L, M, S, XL, XS


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