SPORTS MAN SHORTS have been created to flyboard flights comfortably on warm days. These sports men’s shorts not only protect from solar radiation but also against the wind. Its print is fun and colorful, which makes it very attractive to lovers of motor water sports.

These flyboard shorts can be used for both water sports and land sports where no contact is made with the aquatic environment. This garment must be indispensable in the equipment of a flyboarder since thanks to the flexibility and resistance of the fabric it will facilitate the performance of the most demanding tricks and stunts.

39.00  incl. 23% VAT

The shorts for men is a professional garment suitable for the most demanding athletes. Its flexible and durable construction does not restrict the athlete’s range of motion even when complicated stunts are performed. Thanks to its double layer manufacturing, these calzonas can be used for universal training in the gym and cross-training.

Tissue properties:

  • The fabric is strong and resistant to abrasion, so the garment is ideal for use in the gym, outdoor sports or in any contact sport.
  • The fabric is dyed using a modern method of sublimation of nanoparticles, whose properties make the colors resistant to abrasion and 40% more intense compared to traditional methods.

Performance Features:

  • The special waistband, prevents slippage and rotation of the garment during exercise.
  • The closure is provided by a VELCRO system, which guarantees more than 10,000 closures thanks to the double joint and its resin base.
  • These shorts feature SPIDER’S STEEL quadruple reinforced seams, which is up to 140% more tear resistant than other fibers.

Hygienic properties:

  • The fabric contains SILVER ION fibers, thanks to which it provides bacteriostatic properties, effectively inhibiting the unpleasant smell.
  • Thanks to the eco-friendly ECO INK ink, the material does not cause allergies or skin irritations and can be used by children.

Composition: 100% polyester.

Weight: 300 g / m2.


2XL, 3XL, L, M, S, XL, XS


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